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According to recent research[1], 70% of insurance CEOs see technological change and shifting customer behaviour as a key threat to growth.
We hear a lot about collaboration and innovation in the business press, but how do we bring the two together in a business to business relationship to identify and create value?
The concept of ‘multi-shoring’ is well known within the world of business process outsourcing.
RR Donnelley employees recently supported a range of good causes as part of our Global Community Connect Week.
The average consumer spends just 15 seconds looking at a piece of direct mail — and between one and three minutes reading a bill or statement[1]. Worse...
Did you know we saved over £1m a year for one of our retail customers?
Have you downloaded our digital insurance revolution whitepaper?
How much do you know about blockchain?
Find out how RR Donnelley’s multi-channel communication hub creates personalised correspondence your customers want
Have you seen our infographic on customer communication in the insurance sector yet?
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