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Data Management

Data Management

Transforming data into sources of insight and value


Using high-quality and relevant data to help companies make better marketing and operational decisions is a vital part of business today. But in this information age, the amount of data is growing exponentially. 

Managing and analysing increasingly large and complex volumes of operational and customer data is a key challenge for many organisations. As a result, the volume of unstructured data can be a burden rather than an asset.

Key challenges are the capture, storage, retrieval, and analysis of data.

At RRD, we understand the data management and analysis challenges facing companies today, and provide a range of tailored solutions to transform data into sources of insight and value — at every stage of the customer communication lifecycle.

Here’s how RRD’s data management services can help you

  • We help clients develop and leverage customer insight to ensure the right messages get to the right audience, at the right time and through the most effective channel
  • We securely digitise, capture and archive content from multiple sources to help support our clients’ aim to achieve single customer views
  • We reduce paper storage and implement digital platforms to improve operational efficiencies, speed up query response times and mitigate compliance risks

Why you should use RRD’s data management services

  • We offer a range of solutions designed to improve operational performance and improve customer engagements — from hosted enterprise-wide content management platforms to value-adding data consultancy
  • By integrating outbound and inbound communication processes, we can use data to help our clients understand how marketing campaigns and channels have performed, and help refine them for future programmes


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