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Digital mailroom

Digital Mailroom

Digitising, processing and distributing incoming correspondence


Processing and distributing physical mail has always been a slow, labour-intensive process prone to error — while the growth in digital correspondence has presented new challenges for the consolidation of data from multiple sources. 

As a result, an increasing number of company mailrooms are discovering they don't have the resources, the technology or the experience to support wider business objectives. 

RRD’s digital mailroom solution is a multi-channel managed platform that digitises incoming mail, distributes it to geographically diverse users and archives the customer interaction. The service can reduce costs, improve customer response times and help organisations comply with regulatory requirements.

How RRD’s digital mailroom solution can help you

  • Generates process cost savings, achieved through paperless (online) working
  • Consolidates customer communications with other digital channels
  • Improves customer response times
  • Enhances traceability, auditing and management information

Why you should use RRD’s digital mailroom services

  • RRD has vast experience within mailroom environments, and has demonstrable expertise in the centralisation, consolidation and digitisation of mail operations
  • Our digital mailroom could produce immediate savings of 35% over the traditional model — and reduce the cost of paper handling, storage and archiving in the longer term
  • We can provide fully hosted digital mailrooms or provide data for client workflows
  • We offer integrated on-site and off-site support for mailroom transformations
  • We integrate document solutions with internally hosted (or clients’ own) archives or content repositories


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