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Disaster recovery

Disaster Recovery

Ensuring business continuity when it matters most


RRD’s business continuity and disaster recovery services provide complete protection for critical print and document processing services.

No matter how well companies plan for the unexpected, a major event such as fire, flood or explosion can seriously affect their business. If the worst does happen, our dedicated facilities and rigorously tested disaster recovery solution will ensure that every detail of our clients’ print and process services are replicated.

Services are protected at our Tier III facilities (guaranteeing 99.98% availability) in Amsterdam and London, while we have production facilities and offices on standby for key staff relocation.

While ‘disasters’ are rare, service levels can also be compromised by unexpected peaks in volume, machine breakdowns or staff absence. Therefore, we help clients cope with all day-to-say service interruptions by building robust business continuity plans into our overall service design.

Why you should use RRD’s disaster recovery services

  • Print and process: we have dedicated resources and facilities to relocate operations in the event of disaster
  • Storage: we have a proven network of warehouses that utilise common stock control and distribution systems
  • Transport: we can transfer delivery requirements to one or more alternative companies without business interruption
  • Data: we operate secure data centres in London and Amsterdam
  • IT: standby web servers immediately ‘kick in’ in the event of equipment malfunction


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