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Language Services

Language Services

Communicate with your audiences in their own language


To be successful in today’s global market, businesses must effectively communicate with local customers, internal stakeholders and key external audiences in their own language.

Failure to do so can affect profits and growth. In fact, it’s estimated that UK companies lose nearly £50bn each year due to a monolingual business approach [1].

As one of the leading language solutions providers worldwide, RRD is helping businesses by providing access to a network of 5,000 specialised linguists and support for more than 140 languages and dialects.

How RRD’s language experts can help you

  • Our specialists are not only linguists, they are also sector-specific experts, who can review and verify complex language, regulatory and tone of voice nuances across borders and industries
  • Having language specialists around the world means we can provide a 24-hour-a-day, cross-time-zone service — we can be working while you’re sleeping
  • Our pioneering translation management system, MultiTrans, has been rated as the leading system of its kind in the world [2]
  • We can service multi-lingual campaigns — translating and transcreating content and designs into multiple languages and dialects

Why you should use RRD’s language services

  • As companies explore overseas and multi-lingual markets, more and more are turning to RRD to overcome language barriers, localise content, and establish market share
  • We design our services to meet your needs — every client gets a dedicated project team who speaks their language
  • All our linguists work in their native language and have formal translation degrees 
  • Our unique translation management technology ‘remembers’ previously translated content — saving our clients time and money while improving translation quality


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1. Prof James Foreman-Peck, Department of Business, Innovation and Skills, December 2013
2. Can’t Read, Won’t Buy, Common Sense Advisory, 2014

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