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Managed Print Services

Managed Print & Reprographics

Cost-effective and impactful digital printing, scanning and finishing


Producing quality in-house printed materials quickly and cost-effectively can be an important business requirement. However, organisations often lack the expertise and resources to manage it effectively.

Not only does an in-house print function need an investment in staff and hardware, it also requires companies to keep abreast of technical developments and innovation, deal with maintenance and obsolescence, and source external suppliers for non-standard production. 

All of this is likely to be expensive, time-consuming and inflexible.

Our managed print service produces cost-effective, impactful printed materials for our clients, their customers and internal audiences. Delivered mainly on-site, the service includes colour and digital reproduction, scanning and finishing, and is supported by specialist print consultancy and the weight of our print management expertise.

How RRD's managed print & reprographics services can help you

  • Frees up time and resources to concentrate on core activities
  • Removes need to update technical knowledge
  • Avoids capital expenditure on under-used equipment
  • Leverages RRD’s buying power and specialist contacts
  • Keeps you at the forefront of technology
  • Can include print consultancy, maintenance and consumable supply

Why you should use RRD’s managed print and reprographics services

  • We have years of experience and a proven track record of managing in-house print
  • Reprographics and print buying are core activities for RRD our relationships with equipment and software manufacturers, as well as printers can lead to potential discounts and technical insight
  • We handle relocation, site set-up and process optimisation, and have established protocols for the TUPE transfer of staff (we can also build resilience and/or disaster recovery capability into the service)
  • Managed print is a gateway service to many cost-saving and value-adding technologies within our integrated communication solution


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