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Postal Services

Optimise postal activities and drive down costs


The cost of postage continues to rise despite increased competition arising from deregulation in 2006. So, choosing the best operator and achieving the best price has never been so important — or so complex.

RRD provides consultancy or a fully managed service to help clients optimise their postal activities and drive down costs. Our services are so effective that today RRD is the largest injector of mail into the UK postal network outside of the UK government. This unrivalled leverage position is backed up by more than 15 years’ experience, the latest mail-sort technology and a team of subject matter experts.

Here’s how our postal services can help you

  • We use our market buying power and consolidated client volumes to leverage the best postage rates from the UK’s leading operators
  • Our consultancy services help you reduce postal spend
  • We can save you money by advising on mailing formats, barcodes and OCR, and envelope types
  • Our proprietary mail-sort software generates efficiencies throughout the process
  • By cleansing data, we can reduce the number of returned items
  • We manually consolidate small mailings into more cost-effective mail-sorted bags

Why you should use RRD's postal services

  • Our mail-sort software (PostOpt) outperforms other industry packages
  • We have been presenting mail through multiple operator networks since deregulation (and through the Royal Mail Retail network for more than 15 years)
  • We are certified members of Royal Mail’s Partner in Quality scheme, which focuses on improving quality and reducing environmental impact 
  • We’re impartial and don’t contract or partner with a single supplier — multiple operators can provide a more effective service
  • RR Donnelley’s track record in optimising postal services for clients has saved millions of pounds and has improved the speed and reliability of mail


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