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Correspondence processing

Correspondence Processing

Delivering back-office efficiency for a better customer experience


Customers are increasingly demanding, and expect the organisations that serve them to be highly efficient and responsive to their needs.

Whether they’re opening a new account, making a payment, getting in touch with an enquiry (or a complaint) or simply want to update their details, how effectively you manage the process matters more than ever.

At RRD we take responsibility for managing inbound communications and business processes on behalf of our clients — from correspondence and applications processing to the scanning, archiving and retrieval of documents, and mailroom services. 

How RRD's correspondence processing services can help you

  • We can reduce the time required to process correspondence — lowering costs and enhancing the customer experience
  • We enable your customers to engage with you using their preferred channels — paper-based, voice, email or online
  • By outsourcing non-core activities, you can concentrate on delivering the services you do best
  • We combine industry-leading processing with 24/7 capability at client sites and in shared service centres in the UK and Asia
  • We provide the scalability to meet sudden increases in volume — without you needing to invest in more resources

Why you should use RRD's correspondence processing services

  • We are one of Europe's largest providers of outsourced communications, with the ability to process more than 500,000 documents each day
  • We operate one of the Europe’s largest electronic document archives — storing five billion data items in total, and handling 4.5 million data requests per month for one client alone
  • We are committed to delivering continuous improvements across our operations
  • We integrate other value-added services in a ‘closed-loop solution’, such as the management of undelivered mail to enhance the customer experience and reduce costs


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