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Customer Communications Management

Customer Communications Management

Helping clients engage effectively with their customers


In today’s fast-moving and increasingly competitive B2C environment, providing excellent customer service is vital to achieving business success and driving growth. However, customers increasingly want to engage with companies and providers across a range of online and offline channels that suit their specific needs, and expect a seamless transition between channels at every touchpoint. This is a challenge for many organisations in terms of their expertise, resources and systems.

RRD’s multi-channel customer communication management system supports email, web forms, web chat, social media, and mobile as well as traditional paper and voice communications. It links related messages — regardless of channel — and integrates both front and back office to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

How RRD’s customer communication management system can help you

  • Being component-based, it can deliver a tailored solution for every client
  • The system supports customers’ increasing range of channel preferences — traditional and digital
  • It enables seamless transitions between channels — the ‘single customer’ approach
  • Our solution can improve overall customer experience, maximise customer lifetime value, and reduce costs through automated processes
  • A centralised database (Knowledge Base) provides intelligence and insight to improve communication processing

Why you should use RRD’s customer communication management services

  • RRD is a world-leader in handling omni-channel customer communications
  • The solution is aligned to every stage in the customer communication lifecycle — from application processing and customer onboarding to correspondence processing, complaints handling, and account maintenance
  • A range of automated features drives out costs and frees up customer service agents to focus on activities that add value and enhance the overall customer experience
  • It’s flexible and dynamic — workflows can be accessed by agents around the world, while processes can be assigned to RRD teams or retained in-house
  • We have more than 40 blue chip clients from a range of sectors, including financial services, telecoms and utilities


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