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Customer Onboarding

Customer Onboarding

Helping clients establish new relationships with their customers


Organisations are under increasing pressure to adhere to regulatory, compliance and customer satisfaction guidelines. Failure to do so can lead to loss of reputation, loss of customers or even fines.

These standards apply from the moment a service provider establishes a relationship with a customer. However, this initial ‘onboarding’ (which may include customer validation, document management and account opening) is often a ‘non-core’ operation for organisations. As a result, they often lack the skills and resources to manage the process effectively, and may be at risk of compliance breaches.

RRD’s customer onboarding service provides the operational infrastructure and resources to help clients establish effective and compliant relationships with their customers.

How RRD's customer onboarding services can help you

  • Flexible and scalable: access to a skilled resource that can be flexed to overcome seasonal and/or unexpected fluctuations in demand — with no impact on service levels or quality
  • Cost effective: economies of scale from a recognised specialist, reduced requirement for investment in in-house resources or technology, and can lead to up to 20% initial savings
  • Customer-centric: experience and cross-sector expertise can result in enhanced customer satisfaction at a key stage in the client-customer relationship

Why you should use RRD’s customer onboarding services

  • We have years of experience and a proven track record of delivering onboarding services to leading brands — particularly in utilities and banking sectors
  • Our Blendshore® model (supported by specialist in multiple sites in Asia) can absorb fluctuations in volume and respond to increasingly stringent service level demands
  • We operate one of Europe’s largest electronic document archives — storing five billion data items in total, and handling 4.5 million data requests per month for one client alone
  • We provide other value added services, including transaction communications, payment processing and correspondence handling for an end-to-end solution


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