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Data Transformation

Data Transformation

The power behind effective outbound communications


Although data is what lies behind all kinds of automated communications, data alone can’t create engaging, meaningful, reader-friendly documents for customers. That requires skill, experience and advanced composition technology — and a process that’s robust, reliable, secure, repeatable and auditable.

RRD’s data transformation service converts data into formats that can be consumed by end-customers through their channel of choice.

As such, it’s a gateway to many cost-saving and value-adding technologies within our transactional communication services.

How RRD’s data transformation services can help you

  • We can transform client data into effective customer communications
  • We can support our clients’ drive to deliver customer communications through the channel of their choice
  • By providing data consolidation and validation services, we can integrate legacy data from different systems
  • Our core offering works seamlessly with added-value services, such as mail-sort or digital encryption

Why you should use RRD’s data transformation services

  • We are one of Europe's largest providers of outsourced communications, with the capacity to process several million documents a day
  • We are committed to delivering continuous improvements across our operations
  • We have years of experience and a proven track record of transforming data into effective customer communications for a variety of blue chip companies across a range of sectors
  • We have invested in market-leading technology, and have the skills and experience to deliver data transformation within a fully integrated service package


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