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Supporting paperless strategies with a customer-friendly solution


With print and postage costs rising, companies are increasingly looking for an electronic solution for transactional communications. At the same time, customers expect providers to offer multi-channel communications that reflect the increase in internet devices. 

However, the initial response — online portals that require customers to register, memorise passwords and ‘fetch’ documents when they are ready — have low adoption rates (typically between 10% and 20%). This isn’t enough to significantly reduce costs or enhance customer satisfaction.

RRD’s electronic delivery service provides clients with the benefits of going paperless, in formats their customers prefer. Instead of requiring customers to register, remember passwords and access documents (hurdles known to hinder eAdoption), eDeliver is a ‘push’ solution that is much easier to use. Documents are delivered securely to consumers’ email inboxes as encrypted email attachments.

How RRD’s eDeliver services can help you

  • eDeliver can save print, postage and mail production costs
  • Document delivery is faster, more reliable and more secure than post
  • ‘Push’ (email) solutions typically have higher adoption rates than ‘pull’ (internet portal) solutions
  • Customer behaviour can be tracked (eg, email opening, click rates, link tracking)
  • One-click eConsent replaces the registration-username-password process — the biggest hurdle for getting customers to go paperless

Why you should use RRD’s eDeliver services

  • We have years of experience in handling transactional data on behalf of our clients — delivering transactional documents electronically is the natural progression
  • eDeliver can generate cost savings and enhanced customer experience for our clients


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