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Goneaways management

Goneaway Management

Processing and handling undelivered mail to reduce costs and improve data accuracy


Every year, millions of items of business mail are undelivered. This can lead to reduced revenue and increased debts, cost thousands in wasted print and wasted postage, and can create security issues when items end up in the wrong hands. 

In response to this growing problem — more than 10% of the UK population move home each year— RRD processes and handles undelivered mail (also known as goneaways) on behalf of our clients. Combining the latest technology with years of experience, our goneaways management services can deliver significant process improvements and cost reductions. 

It’s also an excellent opportunity to link outbound and inbound processes for our clients. For example, including barcodes on outbound mail is the first step in an effective inbound process.

How RRD’s goneaways management services can help you

  • Reduces the cost of handling returned items
  • Reduces outbound-related costs, such as the print and fulfilment of undeliverable items
  • Improves customer security by reducing the amount of mail sent to the wrong address
  • Generates improved business information
  • Facilitates a more efficient and targeted communication approach
  • Improves customer satisfaction

Why you should use RRD’s goneaways services

  • Our goneaways service is quick to set-up, scalable and easy to implement
  • Even when RRD does not produce the original mail item, we are able to handle returns effectively and extract meaningful data
  • We use the latest bar code and OCR technology to keeps clients’ customer records up to date — and use information captured from returned mail to call customers and update their address
  • We offer tailored solutions in response to specific customer requirements — for ongoing business-as-usual processes and one-off campaigns


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