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HybridMail — transforming outbound print and mail


Even in today’s digital age, many business still handle large quantities of mail. The job of printing, collating, inserting, franking and dispatching mail is often expensive and resource heavy. 

That’s why RRD have created an integrated, end-to-end service that saves businesses time and money. 

HybridMail is an automated system that allows RRD to print and mail documents on our customers’ behalf. It can reduce costs, improve productivity and allow our customers to get on with their core operations.

Clients use a secure, easy-to-use desktop interface linked to our production facility to create the documents they want before selecting the envelope type, postage and stock, and specifying any attachments that need to be included. RRD does the rest.

How RRD’s HybridMail service can help you

  • Benefit from economies of scale by using our bulk print and mail processes
  • Relieve your staff from time-consuming letter fulfilment, allowing them to get on with their core work.
  • Reduce your overheads and postage costs — and environmental impact
  • Protect brand image by maintaining (and often improving) quality and consistency of documents
  • Improve auditability and traceability with end-to-end tracking
  • Enhance governance and security with our secure and confidential centralised processes

Why you should use RRD’s HybridMail service

  • RRD is one of the largest and most successful print and production operations in the UK, managing more than 10 million communications per week — we inject over 10% of business mailings into the UK postal system every year
  • We can add further value by integrating HybridMail with our other multi-channel services
  • We use our expertise to help clients make a seamless transition to HybridMail and de-risk their investment
  • We offer a turnkey solution for clients — from consulting, set-up, document design, training, troubleshooting, delivery and ongoing management
  • RRD operates a dedicated disaster recovery service, allowing us to provide a level of business continuity that is unrivalled in the industry


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