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Multi-channel Correspondence Hub

Multi-channel Correspondence Hub

Develop your ‘digital first’ strategies, improve customer experience and reduce costs


RRD’s multi-channel correspondence hub is an automated platform that drives customers’ communications to their preferred delivery channel. It uses customer data to create the communication in the appropriate format, and delivers it according to customer preference and a series of business rules.

Today’s businesses are seeking the right balance between satisfying the channel preferences of increasingly demanding customers, delivering their own digital- or mobile-first strategies, and driving out costs against a backdrop of increasing postal charges.

Our service recognises this by integrating the three channels of print, email (push eDelivery) and online portal (pull ePresentment), and is ideal for many types of documents, including debt collection letters, statements and customer service letters.

How RRD’s multi-channel correspondence hub can help you

  • Satisfies customers’ multi-channel delivery preferences
  • Significantly reduces post and print costs — and reduces carbon footprint
  • Helps drive e-adoption rates — up to 60%
  • Can help reduce the debt cycle
  • Provides analytics — including delivery stats, click-throughs and bounce rates for email
  • Delivers content securely
  • Supports data capture, such as changes to personal information and product preferences
  • Is quick and simple to deploy, without the need for client IT investment

Why you should use RRD’s multi-channel correspondence hub services

  • RRD is a leading provider of communication and business services — we have years of experience and a proven track record of handling data and delivering communications for our clients
  • Our multi-channel correspondence hub service brings channels together to provide a seamless and automated communications platform
  • The service includes ‘best of breed’ software
  • It is already being used successfully by our clients, including a leading online retailer, a bank and a telecoms provider


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