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Process Transformation

Process Transformation

Re-engineering business processes for dramatic improvements


Many organisations recognise that the established way of doing things is not always the best.

While existing workflows, processes and technology may achieve desired business goals, they may also be costly, inefficient, outdated or unnecessary. What's often required is a radical redesign to achieve dramatic improvements. However, many organisations are too close, too entrenched or too constrained by legacy platforms and processes to identify or implement the changes required.

RRD’s transformation service evaluates and re-engineers processes to improve customer service, reduce operational costs and help our clients compete better. 

How RRD's process transformation services can help you

  • By identifying and mapping every communication touchpoint across a customer journey, we can help to enhance engagement levels by facilitating seamless interactions
  • By moving away from old ways of working, and effecting radical redesign of processes, we can help achieve dramatic improvements in critical areas such as cost, quality, service, and response times
  • By analysing and redesigning workflows, we can help optimise end-to-end processes and automate non-critical tasks
  • By realigning and optimising technology platforms, we can help improve omni-channel customer interactions

Why you should use RRD’s process transformation services

  • We have a strong track record of helping companies successfully migrate from current to target operating models
  • Our focus on continuous innovation helps clients benefit from new ideas and improvements throughout the entire contract life-cycle
  • We have helped some of the world’s largest companies automate and streamline previously manual and often document-centric processes
  • Typical transformation projects include the deployment of our unique Blendshore®  model that allows clients to balance cost, risk, responsiveness and quality 


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