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Statements, bills & notifications

Statements, Bills & Notifications

Making the most of transactional communications


Bills, statements and notifications are some of the most read communications received by consumers.

But many businesses don’t have the technology or expertise to manage these transactional communications effectively, to optimise up-sell and cross-sell opportunities, or include regulatory information.

At the same time, customers are increasingly expecting to be contacted through the channel of their choosing — print, email or mobile. But embracing true multi-channel communication strategy requires expertise and investment.

RRD handles all transactional communication types, across single channels (eg, print), multiple channels (eg, print and email) or across all media simultaneously (omni-channel).

We streamline the way transactional communications are created, incorporate marketing messaging, optimise production and enable seamless, multi-channel delivery.

How RRD’s transactional communications experts can help you

  • Cost savings and efficiency improvements through streamlined composition, production and delivery
  • Improved quality and accuracy of communications through secure data management
  • More impactful, on-brand communications through information design input and full-colour print technology
  • Greater trans-promo opportunities from advanced composition and printing platforms
  • Improved responsiveness and communication effectiveness from rapid and accurate management information

Why you should use RRD’s transactional communications services

  • RRD is a world-leader in transactional communications, with a track record of embracing new print and digital technology
  • We have the capacity to print more than four billion A4 images and mail over two billion envelopes every year
  • We inject around 10% of all business mail into the UK postal system but are also at the forefront of innovation when it comes to supporting our clients’ digital first strategies
  • We have invested more than £20m to enhance our UK transactional communications platform
  • We have more than 40 blue chip clients from a range of sectors, including financial services, telecoms and utilities


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