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Transforming communications for a better customer experience


With the growth in digital and mobile technology, today’s insurers are being challenged by customers and competitors to communicate across a range of channels and provide a seamless omni-channel experience at every step of the customer journey. 

This digital disruption to established channels and processes within the insurance sector is in addition to the challenges from new regulation and increased competition.

When it comes to technology, the insurance industry has traditionally been slow to adapt — customer expectations for easy and convenient multi-channel interactions are not being met, while new competitors that are not burdened with legacy systems are penetrating areas of the market. As a result, a majority of insurance firms see technological change as a key threat to growth.

Not only are insurers planning to increase investment in digital, they are also aware of the need to have the people, processes and technology in place that will facilitate a cohesive customer experience. This is an important part of retaining customers and earning their loyalty and advocacy, but it is easier said than done... which is why 51% of insurers believe that in the next few years they will be working with outsourced providers to build new systems that achieve full channel integration by 2025 [1].

How RRD is supporting the insurance industry

As a leading provider of outsourced communication and business services, we work with many leading global insurers and have a deep understanding of the challenges that they face.

Our approach is to put the customer experience at the heart of every insurance business, and connect the customer journey through process management and proven technologies used by digital front-runners.

We work with clients to enhance interactions with customers at every touchpoint — in the channels and formats that they want. Whether it’s establishing new ways of communicating (eDelivery and social media) or collaborating on new product design, RRD has the resources, capabilities and expertise to add value.

1. Marketforce, Future of General Insurance Report, 2015

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