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Retail banking

Retail Banking

Helping retail banks stand out from the crowd


These are challenging times for the retail sector, with change happening at a rapid pace. Today’s banks are faced with tighter regulations, more demanding customers and a legacy of damaged consumer confidence — not to mention increasing pressure on costs, outdated technology platforms and a more complex competitor landscape. Yet with change and challenges come opportunities — organisations that address the challenges in the most agile and effective way will prevail.

It is, therefore, little surprise that a growing number of retail banks are turning to outsourced specialists to help them not only overcome the challenges but also to stand out through a well-executed customer experience strategy.

How RRD is helping to transform the customer experience

We can help banks interact with customers in whatever channel and format they want — through a tailored multi-channel approach that connects outbound and inbound communications. Our award-winning creative studios and marketing services teams work together to create clear and compelling transactional and marketing communications that help optimise up-selling and cross-selling opportunities, and build customer loyalty.

Adding value; reducing costs – By linking outbound and inbound communications, using our skills and experience at every stage of the communication lifecycle and striving for innovation at every opportunity, we not only add value to every process but also improve efficiency and drive down costs.

Reducing risk – We understand the unique regulatory, data protection and commercial issues within the financial services sector today — and keep on top of changes. As a result, we can reduce risk at every stage of the communication journey.

How RRD is helping retail banks

As a leading provider of outsourced communication and business services, RRD has unrivalled experience of supporting the financial services industry. Working with many of the world's leading retail banks, we help them transform their customer communications and deliver against key business objectives.

We do so by offering a range of managed services across the whole lifecycle of multi-channel, customer communications — from printing welcome packs to sending e-statements. Using our integrated portfolio of solutions we can help clients become more agile, more competitive and more responsive to their customers’ demands.

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