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Telecommunications & media

Telecoms & Media

Multi-channel communications for connected customers


Telecoms, broadband and television are no longer separate products. The growth of mobile internet, high-speed broadband and smart technology means they are now irrevocably entwined. The industry is also one of the fast-growing in the UK, competition has never been fiercer — and the process of switching providers never easier.

As a result, providers are under greater pressure than ever to deliver a differentiated product, build brand loyalty, ensure excellent customer satisfaction and, in turn, maximise customer lifetime value. Cross-selling and up-selling complementary services is increasingly important in today’s competitive marketplace... but winning and retaining customers still comes down to the traditional blend of customer satisfaction and value for money.

How RRD can help telecoms and media providers

Today’s multi-channel customers demand multi-channel communications — how, when and where they want them. It’s the number one reason telecom and media providers are outsourcing to RRD.

With mobile technology playing a pivotal role at the centre of many industries and innovations, a digital approach to communications is increasingly important. At RRD, we recognise that integrating mobile with other digital technologies and offline channels will be key to delivering an omni-channel customer experience.

We can integrate inbound and outbound communications across email, print, mobile and web channels, and leverage our expertise in creative services, information design and marketing communications to support customer engagements campaigns and strategies.

We’re already trusted to do so by some of the world’s largest telecommunications and media providers.

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