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Using Paper to Reduce Paper

Using Paper to Reduce Paper

The number of letters being sent through the post is falling. But any company expecting to be operating in a paperless environment is in for a very long wait indeed.
Not only are volumes still massively high and rates of organic decline very slow, paper is (and should remain) an important part of the customer communications mix.
While 'going digital' can reduce print and postage costs and have a positive impact on the environment, paper can deliver significant CX benefits when deployed in the right way and at the right stage in the customer journey.
To do so, companies need to take a holistic approach to inbound and outbound communications ― and use analysis, insight and diagnostics to understand who is sending mail and why. In other words, to use paper to reduce paper.
For a greater insight on how to manage inbound and outbound paper channels to deliver cost and CX benefits, download our paper, Using paper to reduce paper: Steps towards a paperless vision.

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