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Marketing operations management

Marketing Operations Management

Implementing change for improved marketing operations


Recognising the benefits of improved marketing operations is clear for most organisations: improved collaboration between functions and departments, reduced costs, better use of resources, improved budgeting and transparency of spend, and the consolidation of disparate marketing operations and technologies.

However, identifying the problem areas, overcoming barriers to change and mapping out the transformation process is more of a challenge, and is often best undertaken by a specialist provider (see Marketing Transformation).

It is a similar story with implementation. While new or optimised technology is often a key component of improvement, selecting the right technology and integrating it with the right resources, skills, workflows and processes can be daunting and difficult for organisations preoccupied with optimising their core activities.

Following a process of consultation and analysis, RRD can manage the whole transformation process — by recommending and implementing the right technology solution, or optimising existing platforms.

How RRD’s Marketing Operations Management services can help you

  • Through direct relationships or partnership agreements, we have implementation and deployment expertise with leading Marketing Operations Management (MOM) and Marketing Resource Management (MRM) technology
  • We offer a consultative and managed service that drives continuous improvement
  • We have a unique understanding of the marketing environment — and a proven track record of delivery
  • Our core capabilities are supported by a network of specialist partners, including ‘best-of-breed’ technology partners
  • We provide peace of mind with effective asset/content migration and ongoing asset management


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