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Marketing transformation

Marketing Transformation

Managing the transformation process for effective multi-channel customer management


To be successful and stay ahead of the competition, today’s organisations are recognising the importance of focusing on customers and their needs, and communicating effectively with them in a complex, multi-channel environment.

For a while, that meant adopting a ‘digital first’ strategy but today it is more about building long-term relationships with customers and developing highly personalised content, two-way communications and an intelligent blend of channels.

Either way, making the transformation can be a major challenge for the legacy technologies and data, disjointed processes, limited resources and lack of in-house skills within many organisations. Many don’t know where to start, lack the confidence and expertise to manage the process, or are too close to operations to be objective.

At RRD, we have a deep understanding of the transformation process — what is a one-off or infrequent activity for our clients is a core, highly developed service for us. From initial consultation and mapping of customer journeys to identifying the resources required and managing the whole transformation process, we give clients the skills and support to deliver their vision.

How RRD’s marketing transformation services can help you

  • We offer a consultative and managed service that drives continuous improvement
  • We can consolidate legacy software, data and processes with integrated, state-of-the-art technologies and operating models
  • We have a unique understanding of the marketing environment — and a proven track record of delivery
  • Our core capabilities are supported by a network of specialist partners
  • Our dedicated specialists can work as consultants or within clients’ marketing teams
  • We can advise clients on latest communication technology and trends


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