Corporate social responsibility


Our world is changing – fast.

We all enjoy the positives these changes bring – new technologies, greater choice and convenience, different ways to communicate.

But we must not overlook the challenges – climate change, decreasing natural resources, increasing modern slavery and the importance of protecting personal data.

Businesses that balance the profits they make with the social and environmental impacts they create help to future proof the planet as well as their business and brand.

Our sustainability ambition

Our ambition is be the partner of choice, to support and enhance our clients’ sustainability missions as well as our own.

We have incorporated this ambition into the key focus areas of our corporate strategy.

Client intimacy

To work with our suppliers and clients to develop products and services which support and enhance our clients’ sustainability strategies and ambitions.

Operational excellence

To manage and run our operations and supply chain sustainably and ethically. Constantly striving to reduce: the CO2 emissions; energy usage; waste; and water and increasing recycling – of not only our operations but also our value chain.

People excellence

To support our local communities by providing good quality employment and development opportunities. To support a diverse, engaged and healthy workforce.

Profitable growth

Develop, market and deliver sustainable and ethical products and services that add value to our clients and their customers.


The International Leadership Team – the highest-level management committee of RRD Europe, has agreed our Corporate Responsibility Strategy. This group meets bi-monthly to:

  • Set and review the strategy
  • Agree priorities and KPIs
  • Monitor progress
  • Embed corporate responsibility into all aspects of the business