Brexit Statement from RRD

RRD recognises that as Brexit unfolds our primary stakeholders, including our clients, suppliers and workforce, have a vested interest in knowing how we are planning to prepare for the UK leaving the European Union.


Although there is still much uncertainty about how the Brexit process will unfold, RRD, as with any UK business that trades in the EU, is closely monitoring the Brexit negotiations. We have established a Brexit Steering Group made up of senior cross functional representatives, which is tasked to ascertain the risks associated with different Brexit outcomes, to ensure that any impact on our business is minimised and managed and that our services to our clients can continue without interruption.

The key focus areas of the committee are:

  • Privacy and Data Security
  • Impact on labour, both existing and new
  • Supplier continuity
  • Foreign exchange, Taxes and Tariffs

RRD is also engaging with its clients to establish the potential impact of different Brexit outcomes on their businesses and requirements, and how RRD’s services may be adapted to meet those changing requirements.

Our Brexit Steering Group meet on a monthly basis to review and log emerging considerations and changing scenarios, and will do so until the eventual Brexit outcome is known and any resultant changes have been implemented.

Should you have any queries relating to the above please email