Differentiating A Global Airline’s Multi-channel Customer Communications


Meet our client:

Our client is a leading global airline. Its frequent flyer membership programme has 20 million members around the world. In 2011 our client approached us to help support their member communications, which includes the distribution of 1.2 million pieces of mail each year.

The challenge:

Loyalty club members buy nearly a quarter of all airline tickets worldwide. Our client saw the importance of producing relevant, compelling and high-quality customer communications – but at the same time needed to drive down their costs.

They needed support to manage both their multi-channel direct marketing and campaign management services. RR Donnelley was recognised as having the scale and expertise to produce, distribute and manage all our client’s printed and email communications.

“When searching for a service provider to accommodate our multi-channel communications, RRD quickly became the obvious service provider of choice. They expertly manage multi-channel communications and help us transform and streamline how we communicate with our clients.”
Head of Airline Loyalty Programme

Our results

Future-proofing by differentiation

We efficiently manage the production of different personalised and non-personalised printed communications, from sourcing to fulfilment, which offers a differentiated customer experience and serves to future proof the airline’s business.

Reduced costs, added value for money

Our global buying power, extensive supply chain network and postal discounts mean that we can pass on the benefits of our print economies to our client.

Employing technology for enhanced results

We also work with digital communication experts and embrace the latest innovations in technology to maximise our client’s email delivery, open rates and click-throughs.

Real-time tracking for peace of mind

We have also put in place an innovative online platform to provide a single entry point for print management, campaign management, tracking and reporting.

“Today, our client can easily access their real-time production information, track and trace mailings, and create campaign reports that extract marketing data and calculate exact costs and ROI. These improved processes have increased their productivity.”

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