Future proofing a Global Insurance Company’s Broker Communications


Meet our client:

Our client is one of the world’s leading insurers.

The challenge:

Our client wanted to replace their paper communications with a digital alternative. They were experiencing problems with the slow or non-payment of bills and rising operational costs.

Our client was also concerned that they weren’t making the most of new communication technologies and innovation. They wanted help to redefine their business engagement with their brokers to improve and differentiate the service they provide, future-proofing their business.

How RRD helped:

We helped our client by extending our service portfolio and introducing our secure eDeliver solution to manage their broker communications. This streamlined the process of sending invoices and statements.

Our results:

The eDeliver solution, which produces around 5,000 emails each month, enables faster broker payments, reduces the volume of queries, reduces print and postage costs, and enhances their green credentials.

Using advanced software, we receive our client’s data then format it into statements and invoices, which we deliver by email as a secure PDF to their brokers.

The solution, which we deployed quickly with effective support, has improved the client’s service to its brokers, created a digital audit trail and demonstrated their commitment to innovation.

“Post-implementation success has already encouraged our client to consider replicating the eDeliver solution across other areas of their business.”