Improving Clients’ and Internal Stakeholders’ UX for a Major Investment Bank


Meet our client:

Our client, a leading international investment bank operating in all the world’s major financial centres, wanted to improve the user experience for its clients and internal stakeholders. At the same time, they wanted to reduce the burden of managing non-core activities.

The challenge:

A key priority was to establish an integrated, differentiated inbound and outbound solution for an increasingly digital way of working.

How RRD helped:

RRD has developed a strong, strategic relationship with our global investment bank client for over 20 years, supporting their client acquisition and operations activities, differentiating their offering and future-proofing their business.

Our results:

  • 50% space reduction onsite
  • 26% cost reduction with 50% device reduction
  • Staff reduction through multi-skilling training
  • A near-site, built to the client’s stringent security specifications, achieved cost efficiencies and service improvements.

Strong delivery against business objectives

Our unparalleled breadth of service expertise and a combination of onshore and offshore resources has given our client the confidence to extend their contract and ensured we continue to deliver against their business objectives.

Translation services for global reach

Today, our presentation services team meets stringent quality and service level targets on more than 70,000 jobs each year, while our language experts translate more than 3.5 million words annually.

Cost efficiencies and service improvements

Establishing a near-site facility for print room and mailroom activities has freed up valuable real estate for our client, as well as achieving cost efficiencies and service improvements.

Expert print management

We process more than 450,000 inbound items and 200,000 outbound items each year and print more than 20 million pages.

We extended our evolving, multi-service contract in 2014 and now include presentation and print room services, pitch innovation, mailroom management, translation, records management and central reservation services.

Key facts

  • We offer a 24/7 service
  • The average turnaround time for a pitch book is 35 minutes
  • We produce 7,425 pitch books per year
  • Overall we print 20 million pages a year in our central print room
  • We process 450,000 inbound items and 200,000 outbound items each year
  • We scan 26 million images per annum
“Our client relationship is guided by an agreed roadmap for transformation and innovation — the result is a successful service model that continues to add value and deliver demonstrable service improvement.”