Improving Customer Communications for a Leading UK Retail Bank


Meet our client:

Our client is a leading UK retail bank.

The challenge:

Our client wanted us to integrate their outbound and inbound services to deliver more effective communications.

How RRD helped:

RRD is one of only a few companies to offer a full range of business process outsourcing services. With a client relationship of over 15 years we are strategic partner employing a continuously evolving approach to delivering services that support and enhance the entire life-cycle of our client’s customer communications.

Meeting peak demand with ease

We introduced advanced scanning and archiving technology to digitise and automate our client’s correspondence. To ensure service continuity and future-proof the business we developed a multi-site, flexible and scalable solution to fulfil the growth in account volume and to accommodate periods of peak demand.

We now produce 330 million mail packs, process nine million cheques and 50,000 remittance payments, and bank £4bn a year for our client.

Reliable onshore and offshore support

Today, we manage our client’s statement production, correspondence handling and cheque processing with a team of 450 people based both onshore and offshore.

Our client services include:

  • Inbound communications
  • Outbound communications
  • Transactional communications
  • eDeliver
  • Information design
  • Whitespace messaging
  • Print management
  • Correspondence processing
  • Scan & Index
  • Payment processing

Leading the way in differentiated consumer engagement

“As a key step in improving their customers’ experience and differentiating their offering, we helped our client became the first bank in the UK to deliver full-colour customer statements – with 150 million sent out digitally each year as part of our eDelivery solution.”

Our results:

We deliver multi-million pound savings for our client, as well as reducing their environmental impact by as much as 50%. We’ve transformed the legacy operating models to provide enhanced, robust, scalable and flexible platforms from which to deliver the services. 95% of their inbound correspondence is now digitised.