Improving Customer Communications for the UK’s Largest Online Retailer


Meet our client:

Our client is a UK-based multi-brand online retailer.

The challenge:

Until recently, our client printed and mailed out most of their customer communications. As well as costing millions each year in print and postage, this working process was also slow and inflexible and caused problems when collecting debts or keeping customers up to date with information about their orders.

How RRD helped:

From print to email

We transitioned our client to eDeliver, a secure email system that can deliver flexible and integrated multi-channel communications.

Safe and secure online customer access

Today, we have replaced the client’s letters with customer emails, viewable as encrypted and password-protected attachments or via a link to a secure area of the client’s website. Here, customers can view up to 13 months’ of their archived statements.

Our results:

As well as achieving cost savings on print and postage, eDeliver has cut the number of calls to our client’s contact centre, reduced the time to collect debts, increased cross-promotional opportunities and provided our client with vital business intelligence they can use to future-proof their organisation.

“Our client has made £1m in annual savings, achieved 95% delivery to customers’ inboxes and has the peace of mind that our eDeliver encrypted system keeps their customer communications safe and secure.”

By supporting the move to an innovative e-delivery solution for customer communications, we have revolutionised our client’s customer engagement and saved them more than £1m each year.

“This is a great step forward on our journey to become a world-class digital retailer.”
Client Operations Director