Delivering excellence in investment banking

To achieve long-term growth, investment banks face increasing demands to restructure their processes. The need to create differentiation in the highly competitive global marketplace sees successful organisations focusing on client-centricity, technological innovation, workplace and workforce enhancement.

The changing world of work

As institutions in the banking ecosystem work to become more strategically focused, technologically innovative and operationally agile, those who succeed will emerge as the dominant and sustainable institutions in our global capital and investment markets.

Future proofing investment banks

Innovation, talent management and the pursuit of key partnerships within the broader ecosystem will all enable investment banks to adopt the seamless, tailored and personalised experiences of their retail counterparts.

This increased service level offering will serve to differentiate institutions, enhancing their client experiences and future proofing their businesses.

Increased client-centricity for sustainable growth

A key objective for investment banks is to achieve organisational agility based upon client-centric models and solutions.

Long-term sustainable growth in this sector requires a departure from the traditional sales and product-centred mindset. Instead, the central point of focus will be on differentiated client experience, with strategies that target specific markets and client segments.

Technological innovation for increased agility

To increase client-centricity and speed to market, investment banks need to invest in portfolios of technology assets to better understand their client’s needs and support their future sales cycles. Such investment in automation, robotics and AI will allow for competitive and differentiated positioning in a highly crowded global marketplace.

Reimagining the workforce and workplace

The workforce of the future is expected to become more agile and diverse. Freelancers and contractors may work in multiple fin-techs and banks as well as working alongside permanent employees. In addition, advances in AI and robotics are beginning to suggest workplace scenarios where humans work alongside machines.

This evolution demands that investment banks consider their workforce strategy as automation starts to transform both the workplace and the workforce and talent mobility increases.

The workforce experience of the future needs to accommodate a work-life balance, a purpose-driven career, and above all be digitally enabled for organisational growth.

How RRD is supporting investment banking

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