Enabling retailers to communicate in the way consumers expect

Retail is the epitome of a fast-moving consumer industry. Today’s customers are time-poor, highly distracted and (increasingly) more informed than ever. For retailers, the impact of ever-connected consumers can be immediately felt — so how they communicate with their customers is now critical.

How RRD is helping the retail sector

We work with some of the world’s most recognised retail and consumer brands, transforming the way they interact and communicate with consumers as habits and preferences evolve.

By combining original insight, best-of-breed technology and proven process expertise, everything we do is fixed on helping our clients across the retail landscape attract new consumers and develop a loyal customer base.

We design and implement streamlined, cost-effective communications processes to help our clients plan (and act accordingly) at every stage in the customer journey — irrespective of channel.

To achieve this, we invest a great deal of time and effort to develop our understanding of the retail world, our service proposition and the technical capabilities that drive our clients’ communications.

Not only does this help our clients make sense of changing consumer expectations, it also helps their businesses stay agile and equipped for tomorrow’s customer journey.

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