Delivering customer excellence in the utilities sector

The ability to deliver customer excellence in the utilities sector is increasingly challenging. Competition for retained and new business is high as new providers appear in the marketplace – resulting in raised customer expectations.

Utility companies face demands to reduce operating costs, improve efficiencies and invest in smart technologies, all while managing changing environmental and political pressures and demands for regulatory reform.

At the same time, it’s easier than ever for utilities customers to switch supplier at the touch of a button. So, what can you do to stay ahead in the marketplace and future proof your business?

Standing out in the marketplace

The rise of digital marketing has added another layer of promotions to the traditional utility company routes of direct mail and advertising. Your competitors promise lower prices and better deals on billboards, computer screens and social networks worldwide.

The key to success is customer focus

In 2015, Ofwat’s Service Incentive Mechanism for the water industry encouraged water companies in England and Wales to provide better customer service. The guidance document allowed the comparison of company performance and measured key aspects of service delivery.

The guidance marked a significant shift towards a client-centric business model in the utilities sector, with a focus on improved customer communications.

How RRD nurtures customer loyalty

The nurturing of prospective leads and continued engagement of your existing customers’ demands that customer satisfaction is at the very centre of your business offering.

RRD understands that the traditional customer communications lifecycle is evolving into something both complex and fast moving. The speed of this change means that to stay ahead of the competition, your company needs to stand out.

We’ll work with you to engage, interact and connect with your customers on a meaningful level, delivering customer excellence through differentiated experiences.

Our teams go above and beyond the delivery of regular multi-channel customer communications, delivering customer value, together with your brand promise.

Our services reduce costs, deliver efficiencies, drive digital integration, improve operational effectiveness and increase flexibility – improving the customer experience.

Build loyal customer relationships and future proof your company with RRD.