It’s Good to Talk (about talk)

RRD is helping the children’s communication charity, I CAN, expand their work with secondary schools.


We’ve helped develop Talk about Talk Secondary — a programme in which I CAN specialists train and prepare young people to co-deliver communication awareness workshops to potential local employers.

Paolo Fornasiero, from our presentation team at a client’s site, is on the advisory group while Jason Harvey, from our London creative studio, is making a video to be used as part of the training package.

After participating in Talk about Talk Secondary, young people have improved communication skills, an increased awareness of their own communication skills and knowledge of what communication skills are needed for the workplace.

Teachers have an increased ability and confidence to develop students’ employability skills year after year.

Employers will be able to make simple adjustments to how they lead and communicate with young people. Plus interaction between young people, schools and businesses will improve prospects for young people and help businesses get the workforce they need.

Since choosing I CAN as our preferred charity in 2014, RRD has provided more than £70,000 worth of help and support.

“At I CAN, we are thrilled to work with RR Donnelley, and are very thankful for the ongoing support to help make sure that no child is left out or left behind because of a difficulty communicating,” said the charity’s Corporate Account Manager, Ruth Caulfield.