Global Innovation Forum:
The London Loft

Showcasing innovative tools and technologies to help our clients futureproof their business and deliver valuable change

No matter the sector or industry, we are all faced with unprecedented challenges and opportunities in a market that is demanding us to re-evaluate the way we work and what we do at every level, demanding a level of adaptation and agility like never before.

Transformation is what we have in common and businesses of today are all responding to revolution in some way, driven by:

  • Changing consumer desires, preferences, communications habits and channels
  • Competition, in turn driven by customer expectations and new technologies, as innovations and start-ups enter our markets that we couldn’t even imagine five years ago
  • Regulation driving internal change, as businesses manage increasing volumes of data and grapple with cyber security
  • The need to provide a rich employee experience to attract and retain talent

RRD has responded by creating our first Global Innovation Forum – digitally connected and augmented by interactive labs across Asia, US and most recently Europe. We set up the Loft to research and demonstrate innovations and how our customers can use them to enhance how they communicate and operate.

Here is a reminder of ways we showcased to Explore, Digitise, Automate and Grow your business