Look who’s walking… Part Two, Briefing Interview

Helen Starling, Managing Director, Investment Banking, Legal and Professional Services, outlines some of the key findings of our employee expectations report 2019 in the second of three industry interviews with Briefing magazine.


The briefing article highlights some key findings of RRD’s UK nationwide research study into employee preferences conducted earlier this year.

By 2020, for the first time in history, there will be four generations working side by side in the workplace. The research study examined the impact of this multi-generational workforce and what companies need to consider to address their varying preferences and work styles to be able to attract and retain the best talent and remain competitive.

The bottom line for forward thinking organisations is that employees are no longer satisfied with a healthy remuneration package; they want to be a part of an organisation that is rich in culture, offers differentiated employee experiences and work styles that support work-life balance and talent mobility.

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