Online retailer leads digital drive


How to save money and improve customer service with integrated, multi-channel communications.

Are you looking for new ways to interact digitally with your customers — and reduce your print and postage spend?

If so, you’re among a growing number of businesses who are demanding just that.

One of them, a major online retailer, is leading the way. With our help, they’ve moved an astonishing SIX MILLION letters to digital channels.

As a result, our client, who is the UK’s fourth largest online retailer and home to some familiar brands, has improved customer service and driven down costs.

It’s forecasted they’ll save around £1m each year in print and postage spend.

So, how are we doing it?

Using an automated platform that combines print, eDelivery and ePresentment services, RRD provides an integrated, multi-channel service.

Instead of a letter being posted, customers can now view the communication in the ‘my account’ section of the retailer’s website. If they prefer, they can have a PDF version of the letter securely emailed to them.

What if the email bounces back?

If customers don’t have an email address, or if the email is sent but returned undelivered, they’ll automatically get a printed copy mailed to them.

In this way, the RRD solution manages the production and the channel by using simple business rules.

What do the results look like?

Our solution not only saves money, but also reduces the time taken for communications to be delivered — in most instances from around two days to almost real-time.

It also provides a wealth of analytics that are only available using digital channels. For example, clients can tell if an email has been read, how soon it was read after being sent, and for how long — a ‘skim’ or a ‘read’. This information is particularly useful for debt collection activities.

Since the launch, in January 2015, we have achieved a 95% delivery rate to customers’ inboxes.

What’s next?

Over the next 12 months, our client will use email and web channels to replace 1.3 million ‘automated reply generator’ letters resulting from call centre interactions, and 4.5 million debt collection communications.

This activity is expected to drive traffic online, and create around three million hits to their websites.

What does our client think?

“This is a really great step forward on our journey to become a world-class digital retailer”, said their Credit Risk & Operations Director.

“Our customers are continuing to increase their interaction with us online, so we need to make sure we notify them through a channel of their choice.

“I have been really impressed with how RR Donnelley has worked with us to meet this need, delivering with pace and quality. We are already exploring some exciting options to expand our use of this new functionality.”