RRD Rises to the Communication Challenge

As part of RRD’s continued support for the children’s communication charity, I CAN, our creative team in Edinburgh has designed the updated version of their Skills for Work, Skills for Life booklet.


In some socially deprived parts of the UK, more than 50% of children and young people have poor speech, language and communication skills. Poor language affects young people’s ability to learn, achieve academically and get a job. Young people with communication difficulties can also find it difficult to form and maintain friendships and are at risk of social exclusion.

Alarmingly, 60-90% of young people in this category have poor communication skills. However, the charity is committed to helping children develop the skills they need, to help make sure no child is left out or left behind because of a difficulty communicating.

I CAN’s booklet, which RRD printed at our Droitwich facility, plays its part by raising awareness of the importance employers place on communication skills, and the alarming number of young people leaving school without these skills.

Since choosing I CAN as our preferred charity in 2014, we have provided more than £70,000 worth of help and support.