Business Design

We believe traditional consultancy was designed to service the companies of the last 50 years, not those of the next 10 years. Whether the solution is to help you better serve your customers or your delivery partners, RRD’s approach to business is one of genuine agility and proactivity.

We use a proven approach that consistently delivers by applying design methodology to solve a range of business challenges and opportunities. This allows you to thrive in a world where technology and corporate change is increasing in pace while engaging in impactful cost-effective projects which add short, medium and long-term value.


Our benchmarking services give you a rapid assessment of your current situation and outline the actions and initiatives recommended for improvement. We’ll use data to analyse how leading competitors achieve their high performance levels and use this information to improve performance and define your transformation plans.

Brand Strategy

Our brand strategy services are designed for businesses that want to scale. Common applications include creating an authentic company vision, creating strong digital platforms for communication and positioning, engineering further customer engagement, gearing up for investment or sale, mapping opportunities within existing or new markets, or simply having a view of where the business is at the current time.

Product & Service Strategy

Typically, our product and service strategy services are used to expand an existing product or service value proposition. This is often a case of mapping opportunities for market penetration, developing a new product idea, developing a launch strategy for bringing something to market, or finding ways to identify, acquire, retain and engage with customers and ultimately improve your client’s customer experience.

People Strategy

Engaging your employees, effectively communicating your vision, facilitating collaboration and creating support and understanding are at the heart of our approach to the strategic people and cultural transformation projects we work on at RRD. In a technology-driven world, we inspire innovation and team-play with the right culture and development process.

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