Business Services

In order to provide comprehensive support for our clients’ internal and external communications, RRD also provides a diverse range of capabilities to support onsite operations, including consultancy and deployment of process automation as well as research and analytics support. Our portfolio of Business Services, therefore, ensures a fully integrated supporting model across both the B2C and B2B aspects of document and communications management.

Automation Services

We have a track record of proven success in deploying bots with cutting-edge automation software, as well as designing custom process automation solutions with original programming code and macros. RRD uses AI and ML to enhance automation and can develop process automation solutions to optimise both services that are outsourced or within your own domain. We also offer a high quality chatbot experience for your customers or employees that uses natural language to seamlessly connect them with your systems.

Key Services include: Bot development and deployment with premier automation tools; Automation with Neural Language Programming enhancements; Custom VBA macros for data reporting and automated analytics.

Onsite Client Services

To complement our range of core shared services, we are also able to bring the same service standards to your site, where cultural integration, service dedication and user intimacy are the key drivers. Our cross-sector expertise allows us to integrate seamlessly into your working environment, at the same time as delivering operational and service best practice.

This blend is only possible with decades of delivering premium services within a variety of sectors. All of our document services can be delivered on client site, whilst being supported by the consultative expertise available from within RRD across customer communications, document management, creative support and multi-vendor service management.

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