Content Services

Great content lies at the heart of every effective campaign or marketing strategy. But delivering engaging, compelling content at speed (without compromising on quality) is often restricted by lack of internal resource, or lack of process to efficiently outsource.

Our editorial content writers span a vast pool of expertise and are available for specific, targeted projects, or ongoing campaigns, to develop applicable and appropriate content for market, product, or executive needs. By leveraging this network, clients need not manage the fixed costs for content development and can maintain relevance by choosing an appropriate writer from our network.

Copywriting and Editing

We carefully select a team of professional writers and editors to form a core team to learn your voice and serve as the editorial experts for your projects. We draw from a vast pool of talented writers, located internationally, who are regional and subject matter experts across all sectors.

Since our content creation workforce is distributed, we are able to easily expand and contract the team to match your needs as they evolve over the lifetime of projects and campaigns. Our commitment to superior client service is not only reflected in the high-calibre talent we employ, but also in the processes and systems we have incorporated to ensure each member of your team consistently maintains optimal performance.

Storytelling for Business

We help our clients find, create and ‘rehearse’ the stories about their customers and themselves which really bring their products and services to life. Why ‘storytelling’? Because a story is both universal (our brains are wired for it) and unique. Stories turn content into experience and make it memorable. By focusing on ‘end-user’ customers, their needs and the changing world they are responding to, we get to the heart of what our clients can offer and help them engage at a far deeper and more personal level.

Content and Brand Asset Management

With content production increasing across organisations, ensuring the right assets are used and stored correctly is an ongoing challenge. We can provide end-to-end support for your existing content and DAM systems and processes (or for new systems provided by RRD). These services include digital curation, content migration, asset governance, digital rights management and content development, brand guardianship and creative production support.

Brand Community Management

Brand governance is an outdated concept. Instead, we can help you build a brand ‘community’ by engaging and empowering the audiences you might normally seek to ‘govern’. By engaging influencers, fans, employees, partners across all channels and touchpoints, we can build a new, powerful force for growing and shaping your brand.

Content Authoring and Automation

Our content automation solutions can help you streamline content processes to deliver business-critical content with precision. From sales enablement tools, product marketing fact sheets and research reports, to standard operating procedures, legislation and HR communications, our solutions address challenges at every stage of the content lifecycle.

Transcreation and Localisation

You want to create the same effects and evoke the right feelings with every message, no matter where in the world you’re communicating. Our secure transcreation services look at the cultural tones, the appropriateness of any imagery, and the accuracy of localised references. In short, it’s a combination of translation and creative services.

We go beyond simple language translation to apply cultural adaptations to language and imagery to deliver the true meaning of a multi-geographical campaign at a country or regional level.

Supported by a market-leading integrated platform that provides transparency, control and a single point of contact, our creative team, developers and direct mail specialists work with experienced linguists to deliver an end-to-end transcreation service.

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