Creative Services

In today’s complex, multi-channel communication landscape, companies require an increasingly wide range of creative expertise that is seldom available – or cost-effective to set up and nurture inhouse.
Our creative services offering is led from our award-winning studio hubs in London, Edinburgh and Dublin, from where we inspire and collaborate with our creative studio network and onsite teams around the world – a seamless extension to our clients’ in-house marketing departments that combines essential local knowledge with a global view.

RRD can provide content strategy, conceptual design, digital development, video and motion graphics and design production.

Brand Development

We understand the challenges of producing and deploying brand collateral for tactical or local campaigns across complex multi-geography environments, while ensuring the customer’s brand experience is consistent across all channels.

We manage the end-to-end process – from creative brief and design to consolidated production and deployment – ensuring cost efficiency, consistent production and application, and brand compliance. Localised options and channel variants are managed centrally while our technology provides a centralised view of the campaign status.

The consolidation of creation, production and deployment can lead to costs savings, and where delivery is carried out by our “local heroes”, compliance can be captured and made visible to all stakeholders.

Conceptual Design

Across every conceivable communication channel, we see concepts as elegant solutions – a combination of strategy, design and analytics to deliver an experience that stimulates user engagement. We focus on strategic, innovative solutions that tell stories and provide measurable results across all platforms.

Our energetic, passionate, talented teams bring interpretation, clarity and architecture that create both emotional and cultural reactions, influencing the world around them and ensuring experiences are rich, impactful and lasting.

Digital Design

Our team is at the intersection of creativity, expertise and strategy, leveraging our expertise to conceptualise, design and develop engaging user experiences across diverse digital channels – from web and mobile to custom, large-scale touch interfaces – pioneering effective ways to inspire and inform today’s hyper-connected, multi-tasking audiences.

UX and Information Design

Putting user centred design principles at the heart of what we do creates a better customer experience. We do this on an ongoing basis by designing single page variants for A/B tests, or by undertaking large-scale website redesigns. Our information design team helps to improve communications through a deep understanding of user behaviour, language, layout and design to ensure that information is clear, relevant and easy to follow. This process can help with an increase in inbound enquiries, conversions and website engagement.

Experiential Design

Experiential design is an important way of engaging with your target audience by creating something unique and special that they can get involved with. RRD brings corporate events, exhibitions and experiential marketing campaigns to life with our highly skilled designers, technicians and manufacturing partners implementing a unique and creative touch to ensure that your event or exhibit is a success.

Design Production

Creating a brand or a campaign is just the start – the results then need to be applied to a range of collateral, across different channels and global locations. However, the volumes involved are beyond the capabilities of many brand agencies. Others can manage the process… but at a cost.

At RRD, we have the ability to take core creative and brand collateral and produce multiple versions of artwork for use across a range of different channels and applications – a scalable service that removes dependency (and cost) from brand agency relationships. Our design production services include artworking, typesetting, DTP, prepress, forms, web CMS, HTML, office document formatting and slide presentations, sales playbooks and pitchbooks.

Video and Motion Graphics

Video provides endless possibilities, and we know just how to turn those opportunities into engaging executions that can teach, motivate and inspire. We can help you create a winning video strategy, as well as the final product that meets business objectives and builds your brand.

Our full-service video production sees your projects from the beginning to the end. Whether it is showcasing the product in full 360°, a talking head delivering company messaging, man-on-the-street interviews or educational how-to videos, we’ve got you covered.

Photography and Illustration

Amazing imagery is essential to every story, and we like to help our clients tell their story. They trust us with producing their imagery for print and digital communications. No matter what the imagery is for—from fashion to room scenes, edibles or location – we can make it happen! We have a strong heritage in photographic production. Our creative teams can source the right photographer or illustrator from a vast tried and tested pool of talent for any requirement and for ongoing clients we can maintain a brand image reference library.

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