Data Analytics

Managed effectively, data can transform how organisations interact with stakeholders, as well as enabling new business models and creating new opportunities.

We offer products and services that drive communication strategies and provide insight through the use of data appending and analytics, effective modelling and segmentation tools – transforming data into action that delivers value across all customer communications.

We provide consultative data services to gain additional value from customer and operational data to drive the targeting and improvement of campaigns, and can work alongside clients to create trends and predictive models within a ‘real-time decisioning’ environment.

Research, Analytics and Business Information

We have vast experience in project management and critical document maintenance, allowing us to manage customised research requests.

In particular, we specialise in:

  • Secondary Research: Search and synthesis of information using specialised databases and information resources
  • Financial Research: Financial modelling and analysis of public and private companies; Initiating coverage reports and periodical update of research reports
  • Strategic Market Research: Developing, analysing and writing original research reports covering companies, industries, geographies and markets

Audience Optimisation

We provide advanced analytical insight coupled with effective campaign automation tools that enable customer-driven communication delivery.

Our platform helps with content creation, content management, content distribution and content measurement, measuring the efforts and costs associated with planning and executing campaigns and business communications, and incorporating powerful data visualisation tools and techniques to provide even greater insight and business information.

The results provide a robust ROI measurement of marketing and business communications activity, and can drive continuous improvement of specific customer interactions as well as providing advanced data for predictive modelling.

Attribution Modelling

Knowing the effectiveness of your marketing by campaign type and channel informs your media investment decisions.

We can model revenue performance by channel, media effectiveness, cost per acquisition and estimated future customer equity.

Attributing a specific revenue value to social media investment can be difficult, however, we found that some long-term inactive customers were engaged with the brand on social media. This prompted a reconsideration of these customers’ interactions with a campaign and the formulation of an improved strategy, to engage further with these customers.

Channel Performance

Knowing where your customers enter and leave your site enables you to connect with them on the relevant topic /offer, to overcome their abandonment behaviour. Tracking consumer behaviour is second nature to us and an essential marketing tool for all online businesses.

We help track cross-channel performance, allowing you to evaluate effectiveness and respond to basket abandonment and exit channels.

It also allows you to assess customer types and understand who your most valuable customers are, and respond accordingly.

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