Data Management

We apply robust security and data handling procedures to all operations, whether it is the management of data for a single campaign or the establishment of a secure data warehouse.

With a long track record of providing robust and secure data management processes and techniques, we work with partner companies to perform further value-added data functions, as well as providing data analytics services and establishing secure data warehousing with the ability to provide a single customer view.

Database Optimisation

Every year, millions of items of business mail are undelivered. This can lead to reduced revenue and increased debts, cost thousands in wasted print and postage, and can create security issues when items end up in the wrong hands. In response to this growing problem — more than 10% of the UK population move home each year— we provide a comprehensive goneaways management service to manage your returned mail packs and flag goneaways to ensure your data is accurate for future campaigns. We capture and record goneaways to suit your business needs; including barcode scanning or data capture of a URN or full address.

Data Quality and Compliance

With the GDPR Article 5 requiring that personal data be kept clean and accurate (or be deleted!), choosing a trusted solution to optimise the quality of your data and maximise compliance is now business critical. Our market-leading data cleaning suite is designed to optimise the accuracy of your data and the performance of your marketing campaigns and customer interactions.

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