Execution Strategy

Our consultative services at RRD are based on our team’s expert knowledge and large scale business transformation experience. The defined process will enable a consultative journey to execute a realistic, adaptable and scalable proposition that will consider all channels and delivery mechanisms.

Communication Strategy

Communicating effectively with customers starts with some fundamentals: who are you talking to, what do you want to say, and what’s the best way to say it? These relatively simple questions often require complex analysis that is beyond the resources of a company.

Working directly with your team, we get under the skin of your business to answer these questions and look at challenges and objectives, channel preferences and trends and customer journeys in order to create the most cost-effective and efficient creative solutions.

Data Insight Strategy

Managed effectively, data can transform organisations. From the way you interact with stakeholders, to enabling new business models and creating new opportunities.

We provide consultative data services to gain additional value and insight from customer and operational data. Using a network of managed partners or offsite RRD data teams, we use analytics and insight to drive improved, targeted campaigns, and work alongside clients to create trends and predictive data models within a real-time decisioning environment.

Campaign Planning

The ability to leverage the right output channel, or combination of channels, is becoming more and more of a challenge to businesses. We closely examine your specific business objectives, communication plans and desired results to determine the best approach to drive response to your campaign. We don’t just look at the brand delivery, we also assess the optimum channel(s) through an in-depth discovery process that is geared to reduce cycle time, save costs and drive operational excellence, all while supporting the highest level of creative for your brand and your campaign.

Customer Journey Mapping

Instead of looking at just one part of a transaction or experience, this journey maps the full experience of being a customer in each target segment. RRD can lead customer journey mapping initiatives across the entire lifecycle as well as those focused on a specific episode (e.g. renewals) to call out touchpoints, obstacles and opportunities to improve experience and flow, increasing loyalty.

Content & UX Strategy

A rewarding user experience can improve conversion rates, encourage self-service and drive customer loyalty, while a well-designed user interface is considered a vital part of the customer journey. However, UX design is a specialist discipline, often following on from a complex customer journey or service design consultation exercise.

We can help enhance the user experience of a product or the interface to a service by designing an end-to-end user experience that takes into account the usability, accessibility and satisfaction levels within every interaction.

Operational Transformation

Delivering customer-centric marketing campaigns across all relevant touch points is becoming more challenging as new channels emerge and customer preferences change.

In order to deliver better customer experiences, companies need to combine strategies, people, content and processes – and make continuous improvements and refinements through campaign analysis and data insight.

Within RRD’s transformation service, we work with clients to define and capture existing working practices and processes – before shaping new business processes that optimise the marketing environment and create efficient, effective and cohesive marketing operations.

We can also define and deploy technology that will deliver efficiency gains, work with partners, or improve existing technology through redesigned workflows and stakeholder collaboration.

In doing so, we help marketing organisations adapt more quickly to changing channel preferences – or even new channels. By improving marketing processes, we can also help organisations deliver more campaigns with the same resource, while more effective collaboration between departments improves speed to market and provides better governance.

Outsourcing Strategy

Sales Enablement is a service from RRD designed to help you pitch better. Conventionally, organisations have treated sales enablement as the provision of collateral and support to their sales force, but our experts use strategies such as business storytelling to drive the end-to-end process that a client experiences from your organisation.

We can help improve your individual pitches or your entire sales process, from the indirect influencing factors that targeted marketing generates through to the direct interactions including personal engagement with you and your brand that maximise win ratios.

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