Insight and Visualisation

We bring data to life. Sales and marketing programmes are built on numbers and campaign teams need easily accessed data, presented with clarity and transparency. RRD delivers immediate, rich visual presentations that instantly inform and stimulate response and action.

Interactive Insight Playback

We provide the technology and specialist resources to measure the efforts and costs associated with planning and executing marketing campaigns, and incorporate powerful data visualisation tools and techniques to provide even greater insight and business information.

The results provide robust ROI measurement of marketing activity, and can drive continuous improvement of specific campaigns as well as providing advanced data for predictive modelling.

Data Visualisation

We provide insightful and interactive visualisation from single or disparate data sources as part of our overall management information and data capabilities. Using leading data visualisation technologies we make insights ‘come alive’ and communicate complex ideas simply and effectively. Relevant data feeds are built into bespoke templates to give clients and stakeholders an interactive dashboard experience, delivering optimised and easily digestible performance analysis.

Performance Metrics

Management information is the compilation of operational metrics presented to clients at regular intervals to provide an overview of our service against SLAs and financial and operational targets.
We use advanced data analysis technology to generate management information seamlessly from disparate data sources, carrying out tasks including data mining, online analytical processing, querying and reporting. This is then used to produce interactive dashboards to provide an optimised and easily digestible view of the information.

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