Process Management

Following successful customer acquisition, organisations have to continue to manage a positive and productive experience with their customers. In order to do this the ongoing service interactions must be effective, efficiently delivered and above all else, maintain the values set out by the organisation. This experience demands a joined up approach to receiving and actioning customer queries in a timely and professional way, utilising the best of breed methods and technologies. In addition, the process delivered should also maintain brand consistency and values to ensure that every step of the customer journey feels like it is being fulfilled by the same consistently high standards.

Customer Query Management

Customers are increasingly demanding, and expect the organisations that serve them to be highly responsive to their needs.

Whether they’re opening a new account, making a payment, getting in touch with an enquiry (or a complaint) or simply want to update their details, how effectively you manage the process matters more than ever. At RRD, we take responsibility for managing customer communications across all channels and business processes on behalf of our clients — from correspondence and applications processing to the scanning, archiving and retrieval of documents, and mailroom services, all while adhering to regulatory compliance.

Customer Service Interaction

As a pivotal part of the communications lifecycle, we provide direct customer interactions and responses to ensure that queries can be resolved in the most direct and immediate way. As well as responding to traditional paper-based queries, seamless multi-channel service interactions can also be managed, including email, web chat, AI-driven chatbots and any other ad-hoc digital message, such as via an organisation’s web portal. This “customer facing” role sits neatly alongside our document management services and back-office customer support solutions.

Offshore Services

We have an integrated business process outsourcing service which can be weaved into any aspect of customer query management or customer service interaction to process customer communications and carry out downstream activities as brand representatives of your organisation. Based across four continents, this sizeable organisation has access to a large skilled and available workforce that can operate around the clock and integrate with and work alongside teams around the globe.

Document Management

Although not a visible part of the customer journey, effective document management is key to organisations maintaining cost effective and timely interactions with their audience. Our heritage in document handling, multi-channel communications and compliant archiving solutions underpins service excellence by enabling the ingestion, management, storage and delivery of customer documents. These capabilities, through integration with enterprise-class ECM and workflow tools, provide our clients with all the capabilities required to sustain long term, quality relationships with their customers.

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