Showcasing the Future of Customer Experience

In great company: RRD UK’s annual client event, 12th September, OXO2 London


It was an iconic venue with its fantastic views over the Thames, where we were thrilled to be joined by our clients and partners. We knew it was set to be a great night and it didn’t let us down.


The event was designed to bring our client family together under one roof and just simply relax, enjoy great company and take a breather from our working lives. But with such esteemed company, the inevitable networking and idea generations took place.

“I found it a fantastic event and a brilliant networking opportunity, whilst many of the other clients at the event weren’t workers in my sector, it was still a valuable and enriching evening.”

For the first time, this year we took the opportunity to share a number of insights with our customers on how data and digital technology are shaping organisations of the future. A topic close to the heart of any modern businesses.

The evening’s discussions included how data, AI and storytelling are all playing a key role for many businesses, not only in how they tell their own story, but also how they communicate with their clients, as well as how new technology is impacting the customer experience.

As part of this, we were thrilled to have Professor Brendan Delaney from our partner charity, Cancer Research UK, telling us how AI is playing a major role in diagnosing cancer earlier than ever before.

With 100% of attendees stating they would attend again, we’re already making plans for next year’s event.

Clients…we’ll be in touch.