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Future proofing business and brands for a changing world

Our solutions are used globally by leading business and consumer brands. They’re designed to help clients redefine their terms of engagement. Engagement that they rely on to set themselves apart, meet the forever changing needs of their audiences and ultimately acquire and retain market share.

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Collaborate - Strategic consultancy

We work with businesses and brands to transform the way they communicate. We create new solutions, engage audiences, and improve ROI by identifying opportunities and leveraging insight.

Business Design Strategy

As the rate of technological innovation and corporate change increases, more and more companies look for solutions to the challenges they face.

RRD’s agile and reactive approach to business, combined with our proven design methodology, consistently helps clients solve how to approach a wide range of business challenges and opportunities.

Our working model offers flexibility and consistency. RRD consultants are available on-demand, helping provide added capacity or delivering specific expertise. They support short, medium and long-term projects, adding value where and when you need it, without the ongoing costs of employment.

Execution Strategy

We base our strategic consultancy services on our expert knowledge and experience of transforming large-scale businesses, delivering realistic, adaptable and scalable propositions that consider all relevant channels and mechanisms.

Design and Innovation

We work with clients to develop new initiatives and contractual commitments, ensuring ongoing transformation and continual service improvement.

Our Solution Labs work to solve specific problems across the communication lifecycle of our service areas. They incorporate:

Design and innovation are at the heart of our strategic consultancy. Our teams continually research and identify new and emerging technologies to enhance our solutions and deliver added benefits for our clients. This dedication to innovation fosters our agile design-thinking culture, enabling rapid prototyping and concept incubation.

RRD partner with innovative industry organisations to increase our internal capability and deliver the best experience for our clients.

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Create - Creative execution

We work with businesses and brands to design, manage, and optimise brand content across the right channels and improve audience engagement, acquisition and retention.

Creative Services

In today’s complex, multi-channel communication landscape, companies need an ever-greater range of creative expertise that is seldom available – or cost-effective to set up – in-house.

Based in our award-winning studios in London and Edinburgh, RRD’s creative services can provide graphic design, digital development, video and motion graphics, creative artworking, and presentation graphics.

We collaborate with a creative and inspiring network of studios and onsite teams across the world – providing a seamless extension to our clients’ in-house marketing departments that combines local knowledge with a global view.

As well as providing a single point of contact for all our clients’ creative needs, our online approval tools and collaborative technology provide process efficiency, quality assurance and effective audit trails – and improved speed to market.

Digital Development

RRD develops and implements automated, data-driven communications solutions that help companies better interact with their internal and external audiences, provide a superior experience, and respond thoughtfully to the interests and preferences of individual customers.

Our solutions deliver relevant, personalised communications through multi-channel programs that integrate direct mail, email, and PURL® personal websites, and that can include online interactive experiences and relevant variable video.

Content Services

Great content lies at the heart of every effective campaign or marketing strategy. But a lack of internal resource – or lack of process to efficiently outsource – can restrict the ability to deliver engaging, compelling content at speed, without compromising on quality.

RRD has a proven track record of creating or curating, managing and distributing unique, relevant and inspiring content for our clients – covering a range of often complex and technical subject matter – for use across all relevant channels.

Our flexible and scalable resource can provide everything from single pieces of content to the management of large-scale content migration projects, and can be delivered onsite or offsite, or by our global network of offshore content specialists.

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Connect - Communication management

We work with businesses and brands to manage and optimise the digital and physical connections between brand and audiences through their preferred channel of choice. We add value, improve efficiency and reduce the cost to serve.

Audience Engagement

With more and more organisations focusing resources on core business activities, many in-house marketing operations are feeling the squeeze.

This squeeze can result in delays in getting campaigns to market, increased costs from a disparate supply chain, poor control of brand assets, compliance failings and a lack of visibility on spend and ROI.

We work onsite or remotely to provide advice and production support for all multi-channel marketing operations, campaign planning and channel execution to drive marketing transformation.

We combine print, direct mail, email and POS production expertise with ongoing advice and support, taking responsibility for all day-to-day operation and campaign delivery through our dedicated Marketing Resource Management system.

From social media, mobile push, email, web and SMS to the more traditional methods of direct mail and print, today’s marketing campaigns are effective across a range of diverse and increasingly interconnected channels.

Amid growing demands for reduced costs, improved ROI, and a more efficient single point of control, RRD’s channel distribution management service provides effective production output across all required channels.

RRD captures the details for the single-channel or complex multi-channel execution of a marketing campaign and manages the distribution of messaging and assets across all methods of communications. We establish a ‘single point of truth’ for all brand collateral and its implementation.
We can work offsite or embed resources within client marketing operations, always with appropriate sector specialists and best of breed technology.

Service and Process Management

Following successful acquisition, organisations must continue to manage a positive and productive experience for their audiences.

To do this, the ongoing service interactions need to be effective, efficiently delivered and above all else maintain the organisation’s values.

This experience demands a joined-up approach to receiving and actioning customer queries in a timely and professional way, utilising best of breed methods and technologies.

In addition, the process should maintain brand consistency and values, ensuring audiences feel you are fulfilling every step of their journey to the same consistently high standards.

Business Services

To offer comprehensive support for our clients' internal and external communications, RRD also provides a diverse range of business service capabilities.

We support on-site operations, consultancy and the deployment of process automation, as well as research and analytics. Our portfolio of business services ensures a fully integrated supporting model across both the B2C and B2B aspects of document and communications management.

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Control - Data Insight

We work with businesses and brands to capture, process and analyse data. We uncover actionable insights that improve operational performance and transform audience engagement.

Data Insight

RRD processes large volumes of big data from diverse sources.

Our Data Insight Service uses effective modelling and segmentation tools to provide insightful and interactive visualisations, helping clients understand the information we reveal.

We then apply analysis and demonstrate how clients can use data to inform business decisions, develop better communications and improve audience engagement.

RRD’s flexible Data Insight Service is available per project or on a long-term outsourced basis. It requires minimal integration to client systems and does not disrupt core business activities. We can also provide the people, processes and platforms to help clients act upon the insights we reveal.

Data Analytics

Data can transform brand and audience communications. It can also enable new business models and create new opportunities.

RRD transforms data into action that delivers value across all customer communications.

Our data team works with a network of managed partners, who use analytics and insight to drive campaign targets and improvements. Working client side, they can create trends and predictive models within real-time decision-making environments.

Data Management

RRD applies robust security and data handling procedures to all marketing operations, whether it’s the management of data for a single campaign or the establishment of a secure data warehouse.

Working with our partner companies allows us to perform further value-added data functions, as well as providing data analytics services and establishing secure data warehousing.

Insight and Visualisation

RRD brings data to life. We understand the value that data holds and work to provide it in a form that is easily accessible, readable and workable.

We build successful sales and marketing programmes on the numbers, targets, buyers, and performance that client data reveals and, using leading data visualisation technology, we can make insights ‘come alive’ to communicate complex ideas simply and effectively.

We can build relevant data feeds into bespoke templates, giving clients and stakeholders an engaging and interactive data experience.