The benefits of HybridMail

Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves.


Save time and money with outsourced mail

Not all words of wisdom from our grandparents are relevant for today’s complex world. But there’s no doubt that even a small change in the way a business operates can save money. This can be as simple as reviewing the way outbound mail is handled.

Even in today’s digital age, many businesses still handle large quantities of mail. The job of printing, collating, inserting, franking and dispatching mail is often expensive and resource heavy. That’s why RR Donnelley have created a solution that saves businesses time and money.

HybridMail is an automated system that allows RRD to print and mail documents on our customers’ behalf. It reduces costs, improves productivity and allows our customers to get on with the jobs that matter.

Postage costs come down and in many cases communications can be delivered to market faster. With HybridMail, business mailings can follow a simple, cost-effective process — and, better still, contribute to a greener environment.